Budongo Forest

Budongo Forest is located on the banks of Lake Albert, south of Murchison Falls National Park. It covers an area of 793 km² of which only 53% is forest. The remaining 47% is grassland.

Budongo Forest is the largest Mahogany forest in East Africa and home of the largest population of chimpanzees (600-700) in Uganda.

Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro Ecotourism site are the major tourist site within Budongo Forest Reserve.

Budongo Forest has a high biodiversity with 24 species of small mammals; nine being primates; 465 species of trees and shrubs; 359 species of birds; 289 species of butterflies; and 130 species of moths.

The bird life is extremely rich with many outstanding species, including a number of colorful turacos, kingfishers, barbets, woodpeckers, and sunbirds.