Is one of Uganda’s most spectacular parks with 1,442 sq km

Lying in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of Karamoja province on the far northern border with the Sudan Kidepo valley is Uganda’s most remote national park. Its Uganda’s finest wilderness which provides refuge to a long list of 475 dry country species like ostrich, African swallows. tailed kite, stoe partridge not found elsewhere in the country including cheetah and greater kudu while its perennial water attract large numbers of elephant, thiua and strong buffalo herd specially during the dry season with roam. Rolling grasslands that extend in all directions towards distant mountain ranges.

District: Karamoja

Size: 1442 km sq

Elevation: 914m on kidepo valley floor to 2749m atop mount Morungole.

Status : National Park since 1954

Habitant : Semi-desert scrub, open thorn-scrub, open thorn-bush, long and short-grass Open tree savannas, riparian woodland including borassus and kigelia woodland, thick “miombo-like” woodland, montare forest and granite out- crop