Semliki Safari Lodge-in Semliki Park (Luxury )

A member of the exclusive Classic Safari Camps of Africa group, located in western Uganda, on the Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve, Semliki Safari Lodge is a luxury lodge with a reputation for providing guests with a real Ugandan bush experience.
A stone, wood and thatch build, the lodge consists of a mess area and 8 sleeping tents. Set in a beautifully landscaped garden, the shared areas include a lounge, bar, verandah, dining area, library and swimming pool. Spacious, welcoming and comfortable, the main lodge is characterized by hand carved tables, polished wooden floors, curved low seating, canvas dining chairs, white and beige cushions, open sides, well chosen artifacts and an open fire. The food is great, as is the service.
Raised on wooden platforms, and protected by heavily thatched roofs, the sleeping tents of Semliki Safari Lodge are just as comfortable as the shared areas. Each tent possesses a separate bathroom, its own verandah, a double or twin bed, space to change in and a small seating area (easy chairs and small side table). Simply designed, tastefully decorated - Persian carpet, sensible furniture, polished floors, muslin curtains - and beautifully lit, the tents are cozy and typically safari.
Activities at Semliki Safari Lodge include chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, game drives, boating, and fishing and guided walks.


Ntoroko Game Lodge-in Semliki national park (Mid Range )

Located in Semliki Wildlife reserve right at the shores of Lake Albert is our new accommodation Ntoroko Game Lodge. Currently the lodge is still under construction; however 2 luxurious safari tents are already finished and ready for guests.
Ntoroko Game Lodge is a luxury Tented Camp nestled in the unspoiled beauty and breathtaking midst of wildlife. The only safari lodge with a natural sand beach for that sun tan you’ve been missing or just take long beach walks into the sunset… just as safari is meant to be! A typical out of Africa movie scene! … The lodge is exceptionally stylish, with an impressive setting of stone canvas exteriors with attractive wooden floors, wide windows allowing cool breezes and overlooking the spectacular Lake Albert in all directions. Enjoy the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation and a hint of safari adventure experience under canvas bush breakfasts or bush dinners etc.  Ntoroko Game Lodge is one of 2 safari lodges under the Uganda Safari Lodges and Camps (USALOCA), please visit our website for more details. The park has flourished over the years and the Lodge is only a 1 1/2 hour drive from Fort portal town on a partly paved road and part dirt road meandering through the rolling hills of Kabarole.
Semliki National Park (SMP) is an extension of the vast Ituri forest and forms part of the forest continuum situated in the extreme west of Uganda, along the Uganda/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border in the western arm of the East African Rift Valley. It is the only lowland tropical rain forest in East Africa and is one of the richest flora and fauna biodiversity areas in Africa it hosts some of Africa’s most spectacular and sought after birds such as horn bills and lyre tailed honey guide. It has 336 tree species recorded of which 24 are restricted to Semliki National and 34% of Uganda’s (435) recorded bird species some not found elsewhere in East Africa. Bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains, the DRC, the Semliki Flats and Lake Albert. 
Local People
The park has four ethnic groups living around it; the Bamba and Bakonjo are cultivators living in the valley and mountain slopes, the Batuku- pastoralists occupy the rift valley floor; the Batwa (pigmies)-hunter gatherers are an Ituri ethnic group.
Tourist Activities

Visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the savannah and clear blue skies, forest buffaloes and elephants, sitatungas, leopards, crocodiles, various primates and a wide range of forest and water birds, primates, butterflies and plants.

Budongo Eco Lodge- Murchison falls national park (Mid Range)

Budongo Eco Lodge, also known as the Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site, is located in the heart of Budongo Forest Reserve, in Murchison Falls National Park. This reserve has one of the largest forests in Uganda with an incredible biodiversity including 9 different primates, 360 species of birds and 290 different types of butterflies.
 The lodge provides comfortable accommodation and a wide range of activities in the midst of the marvelous natural beauty of the rainforest. Whether you would like to go for bird watching, explore the forest by a guided nature walk or make an unforgettable chimp tracking and watch our cousins from a close distance... Budongo Forest provides all ingredients for an exciting jungle experience!
 Budongo Eco Lodge is the perfect place to relax and be surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of the forest, reinforcing the feeling of being at "one with nature". Enjoy and absorb everything that this unique location has to offer!
Budongo Eco Lodge was, in conjunction with the Jane Good all Institute, nominated for the!Your eco-holiday experience starts at Budongo Eco Lodge where nature is at its best...!


Chobe lodge Uganda-- Murchison falls national park (Luxury)

Located in the Murchison Falls National Park, this Five Star lodge is undoubtedly the gem in Uganda's crown of tourism destinations. The breathtaking panoramic views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile's magnificent rapids, sets the scene for an adventure that will impress even the most discerning of visitors.
Chobe Safari Lodge offers a unique opportunity to sample the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna; all in an area of the park that has yet to be discovered. This area of Murchison Falls National Park is ideal for fishing, and will revive this newly refurbished lodge to become one of the best fishing destinations in Africa.

Fort Murchison Lodge Room

Fort Murchison Lodge- Murchison falls national park (B)

Set on the Eastern banks of the slow flowing Albert Nile, Fort Murchison revokes the idea of a well maintained isolated outpost from times where Arab traders frequented the African hinterlands and legendary explorers led expeditions in search of the source of the Nile. This was the metaphor coming to mind when we set foot on this beautiful spot. The concept of Fort Murchison was born...

The Rooms

Accommodation in Fort Murchison consists of 12 en-suite units boasting spacious bedrooms with comfortable beds, bathrooms with countersunk basins and showers with plenty hot water from solar heaters,  private balconies... The atmosphere is a mix of African luxury with a touch of Swahili style.

The Tents

Away from the main accommodation, Fort Murchison also offers a more budget option in the form of some non-self-contained tents. Furnished with 2 single beds, the tents share communal ablution blocks.
Fort Murchison is situated in the former Aswa Lolim Game reserve, just outside the northern park boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park. The lodge is a mere 5 km from Tangi gate, just of the main Karuma-Pakwach road. Watch out for the signpost few km before the Pakwach Bridge.


Nile Safari Lodge-Murchison falls national park (Luxury)

Nestled peacefully amongst the rich papyrus forest on the southern banks of the River Nile, the lodge offers some of the most comfortable accommodation in Uganda’s largest national park, declared in 2005, the seventh wildest place in Africa (Getaway Magazine). Nile Safari Lodge has a choice of wooden chalets and tents positioned right on the edge of the Nile River to maximize stunning views and to give a true feeling of Africa.

From your own private balcony suspended over the mighty River Nile, a massive expanse unfolds. Hundreds of weaver nests occupy overhanging trees, while the silent ripple of water whispers untold secrets. Giant Nile crocodiles bask on sand banks, hippos snort with contentment from their watery home, whilst elephant herds wade through the papyrus islands in search of food – and all this from deck of your own room.
What puts Nile Safari Lodge in a class of its own is its uniqueness in bringing you closer to nature without destroying the environment and the symbiosis with its natural inhabitants. There is no air-conditioning or artificially-created temperatures, you simply experience this ultimate bush adventure in its most natural state.

An explorer in his own right and a man with a vision, Managing Director Mr. Zahid Alam in the early 1990’s, followed the steps of early explorers of past days, such as Baker and Burton. When Nile Safari Lodge opened in 1993, he knew that this spectacular spot had exceeded his goal to build a low-key, yet supremely comfortable place to enjoy all the beauties of Uganda.
In 2013, Nile Safari Lodge received a Certificate of Excellence from for its user reviews and customer satisfaction, to follow the 2012 Certificate of Excellence that was achieved by Jacana Safari Lodge.

paraa safari lodge front

Paraa Safari Lodge- Murchison falls national park (Luxury)

It is in Murchison Falls National Park. The lodge is located in the north west of Uganda over looking one of nature's best kept secrets, the River Nile, on its journey from its source at Lake Victoria to join Lake Albert – here it is suddenly channeled into a gorge only six meters wide, and cascades 43 meters below. The earth literally trembles at Murchison Falls - one of the world's most powerful flows of natural water.
Paraa Safari Lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. Each of the rooms is a haven of style and serenity, complete with balcony and private bathroom.
The safari décor of the lodge still reflects the bygone era of early explorers, enshrined with a modern touch. The luxurious pool overlooks the winding River Nile below, which was the setting for the classic Hollywood movie "The African Queen" (starring Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart). Enjoy a variety of excursions and activities; from exhilarating Safari drives to boat trips along the River Nile, ending at the foot of Murchison Falls. For the more adventurous, one can trek up to the top of the falls and marvel at the views through the mist. A variety of ecosystems and an impressive 451 species of birds awaits you here...We invite you to come and discover all that Paraa Safari Lodge has to offer!

apoka 111111

Apoka Lodge Luxury

Located in the border lands of north-eastern Uganda, in Kidepo National Park, and known for providing its guests with a luxurious and bona fide experience, Apoka is as far from so-called civilization as one could possibly get.
Situated on a kopje, and built from mixed materials (wood, thatch and canvas), Apoka Lodge consists of a main house, a swimming pool and 10 rooms. Making the most of the kopje's lower slopes for support and shade, the main house is a large, raised, open-plan construct, and the interior is divided into a lounge, dining area and bar. Overall, the style is largely European. A long and beautiful dining table runs adjacent to the lounge, which in the evenings is invariably dressed for a full silver service dinner. The furniture is low and comfortable.
Circular, raised and well-placed, the rooms of Apoka Lodge are fabulous. Built in the same style as the main lodge, each possesses the same dark wood flooring, thatch roofs and revealed frames. The walls - cream canvas - are broken up by well-placed windows. The en-suite bathrooms - double sinks, dressing table, tropical shower - are a joy. The beds, which are large and wonderfully comfortable, are locally made, as are the odd bits of furniture and the rugs. Each room has a verandah and an enormous outdoor tub, both of which overlook the bush. Everything about the rooms is beautifully restrained, the work of someone with exquisite taste.
Activities at Apoka Lodge include guided walks (a specialty in Kidepo), day and night drives, cultural visits and bird watching.


Nga’ Moru Camp (Budget)

It is situated on the border of the Kidepo Valley National Park, only 4kms from the Katarum Gate. Here you will find comfortable accommodation in either our Safari Tents under thatch or in our Cabanas, and all accommodation is en-suite. We offer a true bush experience in one of the most beautiful Game Parks in Uganda.
Kidepo Valley National Park is situated in the far northeast of Uganda and is a remote and little visited Park, and has a long list of species not found elsewhere in the country, reflected in its 86 mammal species, 28 of which are found nowhere else in Uganda. Together with a recorded 475 species of birds it is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream.
Nga ‘Moru is located on a hill, and the camp offers spectacular views of the Narus Valley and the savannah plains stretching all the way to the Morungole Mountains. Elephant, Hyenas, Waterbuck, Zebra and Lion are frequent visitors to the Camp.
Whether your wish to explore the beautiful Narus Valley or go further afield to the Kidepo Valley with its Hot Springs or pay a visit to a local Karimajong Manyatta, Nga ‘Moru Wilderness Camp is the perfect base for your safari!



We have 2 "Cabanas" each with its own unique and private view of the Kidepo Valley National Park. Cabanas can accommodate 1 to 4 single beds.

Safari Tents under Thatch

We have 3 "Safari Tents under Thatch" each with its own unique and private view of the Kidepo Valley National Park. Tents can accommodate 1 or 2 single beds.
Nga ‘Moru borders Kidepo Valley National Park which lays 320 kms north of the capital city of Kampala. Fly to Kidepo from Entebbe in under 2 hrs or take an adventurous drive via Gulu and Kitgum in 10 hrs.


Bush Eco Safari Lodge- in Queen national park (Budget)

In the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park and conveniently situated for wildlife viewing and Kyambura Chimp tracking, The Bush Lodge forms an excellent base for your safari. The small scale set up built along ecological principals and the unique setting where animals room in and out the camp, offers a unique opportunity to experience a safari as it once was in East Africa
The lodge consists of 12 self contained units which are spaciously placed between the indigenous bush. The rooms are made from a fine combination of canvas and local materials and built to ensure the best views on the seasonal Kamera River. Each room has its own private en-suite bathroom with an eco toilet and an outside shower where 2 showerheads allow couples to take their starlit shower together.
The Bush Lodge is located just off the main road Kasese – Mbarara. 500 m after (coming from Kasese) the bridge over Kazinga Channel, our signpost will direct you on a murram road which will take you to our camp, located around 2 km further.


Ishasha Wilderness Camp-in Queen national park (Luxury)

The beneficiary of a fairly recent refurbishment, located in Ishasha, the much less busy southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha Wilderness Camp is exactly what it claims to be: a bona fide eco-luxury bush camp.
Situated in riverine woodlands, overlooking the Ntungwe River, Ishasha is a canvas, wood and thatch build (with stone foundations), and consists of a main camp and 10 sleeping rooms. The shared area includes a lounge, bar, veranda, dining area and library. Once a reasonably simple mess tent, it’s now an all bells open sided affair, raised, thatched and characterized by sisal matting, chunky seating, local weaved artifacts, a cavernous sealing and a selection of found wood tables. Easily large enough to accommodate the camps full complement of guests, comfortable and beautifully positioned, it’s an ideal spot – though perhaps over-vast - to meet, view the river, eat and relax.
Much is made by returning guests of the level of service, the standard of the food. Key to Ishasha success, the service is both relaxed and super efficient, it’s defining position one that manages to be as flexible as it is organized. Special diets are easily catered for, as are particular wildlife interests, and meals can be taken inside, out, communally or in the privacy of one’s tent. Food is as locally sourced as humanly possible, the emphasis placed on organic, sustainable chow, the menu European-Ugandan in essence, with traditional fare complimenting dishes from around the world.
Situated along the bank, some closer to the river than others, the sleeping tents at Ishasha Wilderness Camp are discreetly positioned, their private verandas wonderfully placed for the purpose of viewing resident herds of elephant, the local pod hippo. Approached by means of a simple path, sheltered by an extra roof skin, each tent includes a huge double bed, an outdoor bathroom, plenty of room to change in and rush matting dividers. Again, the overall feel is one of comfort, the style much more about simple, good living, the eco-showers and toilet just one element of a camp committed to leaving little more than the faintest of carbon prints.
Activities at Ishasha Wilderness Camp include game drives, camp based walks, bird watching and cultural excursions.

jakana 2

Jacana Safari Lodge-In Queen national park (Luxury)

Set on the edge of Uganda’s largest Crater Lake, this tree house lodge grew out of the forest, peacefully at one with nature. The delicate use of rock, poles, wood, rope, organic furniture and rich textures blend perfectly with the smells, sights and sounds of this tropical hardwood forest. A cracking fireplace combined with a magical atmosphere creates an unforgettable experience.
Much effort and imagination went into the creation of Jacana Safari Lodge, which comes as no surprise when you consider its prime location within the national park and the distinctive and unique design by its creator, Managing Director, Mr. Zahid Alam. Opened in 1998, the winning combination of the beauty of Queen Elizabeth National Park rich in biodiversity with the Jacana Safari Lodge’s delicate style and attention to comfort provides one of the best accommodation facilities in the area

katara lodge

Katara Lodge-in Queen national park (Luxury)

Situated on the Great Rift Valley escarpment with uninterrupted views of the savannah, Lake Edward and the Virunga and Rwenzori mountain ranges beyond, Katara Lodge is a 20 minute drive away from the main entrance of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s premier safari destination and one of the most bio-diverse reserves in the world.
The park’s varied habitats, which include open savannah, dense papyrus swamps, crater lakes, the extensive Maramagambo Forest and the forested Kyambura Gorge, are home to almost 100 mammal species and over 600 bird species.
Katara Lodge is the ideal base from which to explore the park and the many activities it offers, including game drives, bird watching, the famous launch cruise along the Kazinga Channel, chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura Gorge, and forest walks in the Kalinzu or Maramagambo forests, all of which provide truly memorable wildlife experiences and incredible opportunities for nature photography.
We are keenly aware of the delicate and precious nature of the park and the flora and fauna we share it with. At Katara Lodge we pride ourselves on offering a luxury safari experience while minimizing any impact to the environment. The materials used in the construction of the lodge were all gathered locally from renewable sources. We use extensive rain water harvesting, heat all our water using solar water heaters, and use ultra low flush toilets throughout the lodge. Similarly, all lighting and electrical outlets are solar powered and use low energy CF or LED bulbs. Our salt water swimming pool further reduces our reliance on harmful chemicals.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge Uganda Accommodation Bedroom 2

Kyambura Gorge Lodge (Luxury )

Brand new to the much feted Volcanoes Safaris stable and located in the eastern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Rwenzori Mountains in view, Kyambura Gorge Lodge is fast becoming one of Uganda’s finest luxury lodges.
Essentially a mountain lodge, its relatively low lying position no guarantee against chilly nights, Kyambura Gorge Lodge is a wood, stone, corrugated iron and thatch build consisting of a main lodge and 6 sleeping rooms. Initially a coffee plantation store and processing plant, the main lodge includes a lounge, dining area, bar, extensive decking and pool. Beautifully converted, its colonial form wonderfully utilized, the old store forms the hull of the main lodge, the lounge and dining room characterized by white and blue walls, tiled and wooden floors, plenty of space, great square windows and one or two stunning pieces of art. Most attractive is the sense that the design hasn’t just been bought in, lock, stock and barrel (or if it has, then it’s been done very well): different types of chair circle the main dining table; a huge found wood sculpture hangs from the ceiling; the mix of eco-minimalist wood features and crazy paving make for a delightful contrast. It’s lovely, touching and great fun.
While the sleeping rooms – bandas – at Kyambura Gorge Lodge are all similarly different, each is purpose built, and as such very coherent design-wise, the external thatch and / or corrugated cottage-like feel giving way to deep brown floorboards, a mix of bare brick, white and curved walls and exposed beams. Each room comes with an enormous four poster double / twin bed, en suite bathroom, seating area and private veranda. Everything about the look – the mix of window sizes, the simple and carefully chosen pieces of furniture – is designed to make the most of the light, which is extraordinary, particularly early morning / evening.
Activities at Kyambura Gorge Lodge are centered round a resident cartload (yes, quite, and perfectly true) of chimpanzees. Other activities include boat trips on the Kazinga Channel, visiting the Blue Lake and Maramagambo Bat Cave, cultural visits, spa treatment and bird watching.


Mweya Lodge (Luxury)

Located in western Uganda, in Queen Elizabeth Park, and set on a ridge overlooking Lake Edward and Kazinga Channel, Mweya Lodge is known for its setting, its scope and its wildlife.
Recently overhauled, Mweya is large, more like a hotel than a boutique lodge, and will appeal to travelers whose needs include all the amenities found in hotels - television, internet facilities, meeting rooms. The forecourt is dominated by a huge elephant sculpture, and the main lodge - peaked thatch roofs, polished floors, African patterning - is a mixed material construct, and consists of reception, a bar, lounge, restaurant and souvenirs shop. On the whole, feedback has been consistently good with regards to the service, and the food at Mweya Lodge is varied, excellent and beautifully presented.
Outside, the grounds are extensive and slope down towards the lake. Much is made of the gardens' family of habituated mongooses, and of the birdlife. Overlooking the lake, and served by a bar, the pool here is incredible.
Wonderfully positioned, the en-suite rooms, which range from the Presidential Cottage to standard twins, all have balcony views of the lake. The bedrooms themselves are perfectly functional. In some, bright African patterns sit a tad uncomfortably against what is fundamentally a neo-colonial style. In others, the mood is less playful, and the art and furniture choices create a more unified effect.

Activities at Mweya Lodge include boat trips, game drives, bush walks and bird watching


Simba Safari Camp (Budget )

Simba Safari Camp is a budget safari accommodation situated on the border of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here you will find a variety of comfortable and affordable guest rooms, dormitory rooms and a well established camp site.
 Located on a hill, the camp offers spectacular views of Lake George, Lake Kikorongo and the savannah plains stretching till the far horizon. It is the closest accommodation for game drives in the Kasenyi plains, while elephants and buffaloes can often be viewed from the camp.  
Whether your wish to explore the beautiful surroundings of Queen Elizabeth National Park with a game drive, join a boat safari on the Kazinga Channel or go in search of the chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge, Simba Safari Camp is the perfect base for your safari!


Amajambere Camp Mgahinga (Budget)
Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp is located by the entrance to Mgahinga National Park and is only 12 km from the southwestern town of Kisoro.

At the camp, visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the famous Virunga Volcanoes and take part in mountain gorilla and monkey trekking. The camp is located at a perfect starting point for hiking the Virunga Volcanoes of Muhavura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo.
Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp offers different types of accommodation ranging from bandas and dormitories. The camp also offers camping space for visitors who won tent as well as ample car parking space.

Room Description
Guests can choose between the campsite, dormitories or bandas. The camp has a wide area for camping as well as five bandas, of which two serve as dormitories.

mount gahinga

Mount Gahinga Lodge (Luxury)
Located in south-west Uganda, near the Kisoro town, on the edge of Mgahinga National Park, Mount Gahinga Lodge is the only place to stay when tracking Mgahinga gorilla.
A stone, wood and thatch build, Mount Gahinga Lodge consists of a main lodge and 9 sleeping bandas. The main lodge includes a newly built sunroom (lounge), bar, dining area, old lounge and library. Sympathetic in terms of design to the older building, the circular sunroom is characterized by locally sourced lightweight seating, colour ful cushions, plenty of natural light and beautiful wooden floors. Behind, the rest of main lodge is dominated by a centrally positioned open log fire, and possesses a similar taste in furnishings. Both rooms are airy, spacious and very welcoming. Local produce, fresh fish, meat and vegetables, the food is superb, and much commented on by guests, as is the service at Mount Gahinga Lodge.
Circular, thatched and discreetly positioned, each of the sleeping rooms - or cottages - includes a double or twin bed, seating, room to change in, a verandah and a separate bathroom. In keeping with its ecologically conscious ethos, the bathroom contains a short drop toilet, a bucket shower and hot water is available on request.
Activities at Mount Gahinga Lodge include gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, guided walks, bird watching, volcano climbs and massage. Please note that gorilla sightings in Mgahinga are by no means guaranteed: the forest overlaps Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo, giving the gorilla an enormous range and thus diminishing the chances of a successful tre