Visa Information

Ugandan visas are issued at our Missions/Embassies abroad and also at the Entry/Exit Points e.g. Entebbe, Busia, Malaba etc..

Underlying the Uganda Visa Policy is the principle of reciprocity, that is all countries that require visas for Ugandans are also visa prone in Uganda.

Additional visa option details are available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at

Visa Fees - Effective June 2007
Student Visa US$20
Single Entry US$50
Multiple Entry 6 months US$100
Multiple Entry 1 year US$200
Inland Transit US$15

Countries Exempted from Visa requirements to Uganda

* Angola

* Comoros

* Grenada

* Malawi

* Antigua

* Cyprus

* Singapore

* Malta

* Bahamas

* Eritrea

* Jamaica

* Mauritius

* Barbados

* Fiji

* Kenya

* Madagascar

* Belize

* Gambia

* Lesotho

* Rwanda

* Seychelles

* Solomon Islands

* Swaziland

* Tanzania

* Zambia

* Zimbabwe

* Tonga

* St. Vincent

* Vanuatu

* Sierra Leone

* Italy (Diplomatic Passports)

Visa Check List
In order to qualify for a visa application, all intending travelers to Uganda must:
* Have a valid passport issued by your government.
* The passport must be valid past the date of your expected departure from Uganda.

You must have:

  • An International Vaccination Certificate against Cholera (recommended, not required). An International Inoculation Certificate against Yellow Fever.
    • You must obtain a Uganda Government VISA before entry into Uganda.
      • To obtain a Uganda Government VISA the following are required:
        • Fill out both sides of Visa Application Form "J".
          • Submit your passport and two (2) passport-size photographs